SNP emigration

Another FMQs, another failure to lay a glove on the First Minister.

While this leads to much merriment within the SNP quarters, how long can the public put up with such ineffective opposition? The opposition is there for a reason, to scrutinise and debate the Government’s policies.

As principal opposition, the Labour Party are primarily to blame.

I think Wendy Alexander tries. Honestly! But perhaps the fight has left her. Its as if she wakes up every Thursday morning knowing that once again she will be bested at the despatch box. The former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish has admitted: “We have had a year of ineffective opposition by Labour while the SNP have confidently governed Scotland and their support has risen. We don’t look like a competent opposition.”

The tragedy is Scottish Labour has no-one else that could do a better job. Maybe Wendy Alexander can console herself with that.

While the opposition lacks conviction, the SNP and Alex Salmond must be enjoying the longest honeymoon in political history. In fact for voters its looking less and less like a honeymoon and more and more like an emigration!

The Poll results of this month back this up, giving the SNP its highest poll rating ever:-

Holyrood TNS / System 3 Poll

Constituency votes

SNP 45 %
Labour 31%
Conservatives 12 %
Liberal Democrats 11 %

Regional votes

SNP 41 %
Labour 29 %
Conservatives 12 %
Liberal Democrats 12 %
Greens 4 %
SSP 1 %
Solidarity 1% has a neat predictor for the Holyrood vote. Enter in these poll results and the Scottish Parliament will look like this:-

SNP 52 Constituency MSPs + 10 Regional MSPs = 62 MSPs.
Labour 18 + 21 = 39 MSPs.
Liberal Democrats 2 + 11 = 13 MSPs.
Conservatives 1 + 12 = 13 MSPs.
Greens 0 + 2 = 2 MSPs.

And unless the opposition learn how to cope with the SNP, the emigration of votes to the SNP will continue.

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