Doing it deliberately

Is George Foulkes trying to be Kelvin Mackenzie?

His latest attack on the SNP has backfired spectacularly straight back to the previous Labour and Liberal Democrat administration.

I previously suggested here that Kelvin Mackenzie’s ongoing diatribe against Scotland is such a votewinner for Scottish independence that he may be a fifth column nationalist.

I now suspect that Labour’s own Baron Foulkes of Cumnock may also be a fifth columinist.

What else could possibly explain his latest gaffe?

Fifth columnist in action

Lord Foulkes asked parliamentary questions to ‘expose’ the SNP Government’s waste and mismanagment. In the event he only exposed the last administration’s incompetence and huge expenses.

Among the details uncovered were:-

The SNP is spending around 40 % less than the previous Labour and Liberal Democrat on PR costs and communication officer costs. The famous Labour spin never comes cheap.

Advisors to Alex Salmond have claimed 1/6 of the expenses claimed by the former administration’s advisors.

The number of comparable ministerial car journeys has decreased by 500 by the new SNP government.

Three times as many people watch Alex Salmond’s online broadcasts compared to the previous First Minister, Jack McConnell.

His latest blunder was a free gift to the SNP. One of the youngest members of the parliament, Jamie Hepburn could not resist:”I would like to thank Lord George Foulkes for going to such lengths to expose the efficiency and effectiveness of the SNP Government in contrast to the waste and excess of the Labour and Lib Dem administration.

“His fishing attempts demonstrate that the SNP have delivered far more effective, efficient and leaner government than the previous Labour/LibDem Executive – which was clearly all expensive spin and no policy substance.

“The SNP government has done more in the last year than the Labour/LibDem coalition did in 8 years, which is one reason why we are at record levels in the opinion polls.”

Ah yes. The SNP Government. How does George think they are doing?

Rewind to the 25th February, on the BBC Scotland at Ten programme; George is discussing the months since Scotland elected the SNP Government and began to implement their policies:-

“The SNP are on a very dangerous tack. What they are doing is trying to build up a situation in Scotland where the services are manifestly better than south of the border in a number of areas.”

Interviewer Colin Mackay:”Is that a bad thing?”

Lord George Foulkes: “No, but they are doing it deliberately.”!!

Henry McLeish, the ex-Labour First Minister mentioned here, once responded to Lord Foulkes’ comments insinuating that the SNP were xenophobic, clearly worried about the Lord’s habit of self-destructing the Labour Party: “I think in Scotland at the present time there is no need for that type of vitriol for the SNP.”

“This is about Lord Foulkes and I think Lord Foulkes has to realise that every time he makes such comments he damages the Labour Party. He damages the prospect of winning more votes”.

Scottish Labour may wish that Lord Foulkes be quiet, for the sake of the party, worried about the SNP’s record opinion poll ratings.

Yet he continues to gaff, as thousands of once-Labour voters switch allegiance to the SNP.

There is only one reason.

He is doing it deliberately!


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