Never had it so good

It seems that the Secretary of State for Scotland, Des Browne, believes that Scotland has “never had it so good”!

Is he really suggesting that as the UK economy goes pear shaped, fuel prices escalate and households have soaring food and utility bills – that we’re all better off?

And this is on the back of the MP for Glasgow South, Tom Harris, asking “Why is everyone so bloody miserable?” (This Labour government have made an awful job of running the country – that’s why, Tom!)

Well to be fair he’s not miserable on a 92 grand salary and an expense account of over 150 grand (2006-07).

But its just another situation where Labour seem out of touch with the public.

Now I’m not saying that our politicians get paid too much – though I do think the Westminster expenses system needs radical overhaul – but lets be honest they get paid much, much more than the average Joe Bloggs in their constituency.

At at a time when families everywhere are tightening their belts, you’ve have thought they’d have shown more sense than to start blabbing on like Harold Macmillan.

New Labour sound like Marie Antoinette wanting the peasants to eat cake. (Or was it brioche? It certainly wasn’t the fancy bread she was used to having anyway!)

What would the voters of Glasgow East, with their poverty and ill health records, think of these comments?

These are Labour politicans. I think they would expect such comments from the Tories, but it would make them wonder about voting Labour again.

Still, I suppose thats the New Labour party for you – too busy cosying up to Margaret Thatcher, than to fight for the traditional working class.

Gordon Brown and Margaret Thatcher

No wonder Gordon Brown was a member of the Feeble Fifty! He said when Margaret Thatcher visited him at Number 10 that “I think Lady Thatcher saw the need for change” and said how much he admired her.

And if the voters in Glasgow East need more persuading of how out of touch Labour MPs are with their constituents then they need look no further than their outgoing MP, David Marshall.

He resigned due to health grounds. Stress was quoted. However he was due to be investigated for Westminster expenses being paid to members of his family.

Both the Daily Mail and the Telegraph have the story.

No wonder he was stressed.

Do you think when Des Browne said we’ve never had it so good he was referring to Labour MPs?

Or has he gone a bit nuts and now thinks he’s Harold Macmillan?

We can only speculate.

Personally I’m just waiting for Des to grow that moustache.


One Response to Never had it so good

  1. mythshifter says:

    Hmmm it’s only a theory, but I’ve been wondering whether we haven’t been listening to the same message since Macmillan with a little interference due to bad editing (rather than due democratic process) here and there. Kind of like and answerphone message looping, while the Westminster bigwigs work on their golf (or croquet) handicaps…
    I’ve been blogging slightly more satirical responses to the situation at that should raise a smile to your lips!

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