Glasgow East and Westminster

It seems as if there is concern as whether Labour’s Glasgow East campaign will be run by Westminster and not on the ground in Glasgow.

On the evidence so far its been entirely run from Westminster. Why else would Gordon Brown phone round Purcell, McAveety et al to try and get a candidate and not let the selection committee do their job?

In terms of the selection committee, the addition of Margaret Curran to the list for nomination has broken NEC rules; but as these are desparate times for Labour the Herald has reported on a weekend of Westminster phone calls to ask for an exemption allowing Margaret Curran to stand.

Her shoo-in position as Labour candidate may not be the best move considering her son on Glasgow City Council is being investigated by the Standards Commission over dodgy dealing along with 10 other Labour councillors in Glasgow.

And the Telegraph reports that Harriet Harman may want to interfere in the running of the campaign. Whether this is to finally sink the Labour campaign and push Gordon Brown out of office is a debatable point, certainly the Mail thinks she is positioning herself for the top job.

I would guess Margaret Curran would take the Westminster line on the campaign, but as Labour in Glasgow East have no canvassing records and fewer than 200 members, she’ll have to demand a lot of money and help to win the seat.

No wonder everyone else declined the chance to stand!

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