Labour concedes defeat in Glasgow East

Now Labour’s senior ministers are conceding defeat in the Glasgow East by-election to the SNP! “We are going to lose Glasgow East and we should be planning for the aftermath.” said one.

No wonder Margaret Curran looked glum at her campaign launch today – as this picture from the Telegraph shows.

The Labour Party campaign searching Glasgow East for Labour voters.

The balloons do add to the party mood, don’t they?

When commentators said Margaret Curran would run a negative campaign they weren’t joking!

Maybe she’s just realised Labour has almost no local activists, and they’ve just spent their campaign budget buying balloons from the pound shop!

With speculation growing that Gordon Brown may not survive a defeat in the Glasgow East by-election, and Harriet Harman wanting to run Labour’s by-election campaign from Westminster – while Gordon is away on G8 business, Harriet has a free hand – there is yet more bad news for the Prime Minister.

A poll in The Times today is another devasting blow for Gordon Brown.

75 % of people think Gordon Brown is a loser.

60 % of people who voted Labour in 2005 think Gordon Brown is a loser.

67 % of people think Gordon Brown is a weak Prime Minister.

72 % of people think Gordon Brown is not up to the job of being Prime Minister.

Only 26 % of people trust Labour with the economy.

82 % of people think the economy will get worse under Labour.

In the light of this, it comes as no surprise that Harriet Harman is taking soundings from local Constituency Associations regarding her popularity – while Gordon is in Japan, raging at interviewers that ask him if he will stand down for the good of the party.

Thw Telegraph is actively urging her to stand for Prime Minister and depose Gordon Brown. Or David Milliband. Or anyone else it seems.

Harriet is taking over PMQs tomorrow in Gordon’s absence. Everyone will be watching to see how well she does. A good performance may go far in securing her leadership credentials.

Milliband and other contenders will be watching.

More balloons for Labour!


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