Glasgow East lies, Round 1!

Everyone in Scotland knows the newspapers are anti-SNP so its no surprise when the likes of the Daily Record and The Scotsman declare Margaret Curran’s Labour campaign launch in Glasgow East to be the best thing since sliced bread and one in the eye for the SNP!

‘Round 1 to Labour’ the Scotsman headline screamed as she launched her campaign.

I have commented before that there is no newspaper in Scotland that is pro-SNP. Its remarkable that the SNP, the most popular government Scotland has ever had, has no mainstream newspaper sympathetic to its policies! It just shows that the newspapers, editors and journalists are struggling to keep up with the Scottish public’s endearment to the SNP.

They are gradually getting the message though. One only has to look at their online comment pages to see that the public aren’t buying their propaganda any more. Their falling sales are a testament to that too – money talks, and eventually they must change their stance! There simply isn’t room in the market for all these Unionist newspapers.

I have already commented on the despondency of Labour’s Glasgow East campaign launch.

Now, as the actual launches of Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SSP are posted on STV’s site, we can see what really happened, and see through the newspapers anti-SNP spin.

The video is posted here.

Straight from the start, Margaret Curran says she has lived in Glasgow’s East End for all her life.

That is a blatant lie.

She has a £350 000 house in a middle class area of Cathcart, in Glasgow’s South Side. She has stayed there for many years.

Perhaps the SNP should run tours from Glasgow East to her home just to point out the difference in living standards between the MSP and the constituents she wants to represent! And then ask them if they want to give her another job, expenses and a John Lewis list!

Maybe Margaret Curran should also go on the tour.

Its obvious that she has no idea where her home really is! Perhaps she should ask to be checked out by a doctor for signs of dementia.

The other Curran hoping to be elected is Frances Curran, also seen in the STV clip. She does not want to be confused as the Labour hopeful. I have already commented on the fact that she fears she could lose votes over their similar names.

But she has hinted at the Glasgow East constituents’ attitude towards the Labour MSP. “People have already had a go at me in the street because they think I’m Margaret Curran.” she said.

That just shows how much support Labour has lost when a candidate with a similar name to the local Labour MSP is harassed by constituents by mistake.

‘Round 1 to Labour’ indeed! What a disgraceful press!

Labour are already down and out, seconds after the bell has rung.


2 Responses to Glasgow East lies, Round 1!

  1. Have you seen this from New Statesman (this week’s) – Gordon Brown briefing editors of Scottish newspapers –

    “Brown’s leadership will be tested again this month at the Glasgow East by-election. It’s one of the safest Labour seats in the UK. The SNP faces a huge task to overturn a 13,500 majority, but there is an expectation that it could succeed, and if Labour loses, there will be fresh speculation that Brown may be forced to stand down by his own party.

    Earlier that day, I sat beside him in the back seat of a blue armour-plated, bulletproof Jaguar, surrounded by police outriders and protection officers, as he made a series of calls to the editors of Scottish newspapers, while we hurtled towards Heathrow. Each conversation followed a similar pattern: some small talk about football, followed by a serious chat about the importance of the Union and the threat the SNP poses to the future of the country.”

  2. Frank Martin says:

    I’ve set up a group which will hopefully gain a broad base of support against the Daily Record. Something has to be done, and every little helps I suppose. It’s more like a party newsletter that a national newspaper.

    All the best in the by-election.
    (SSP member here)

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