Buddy, can you spare £24 million?

The Labour Party continue to sink to new lows.

One minute Gordon Brown is telling us to avoid food waste, the next he is tucking into this menu at the G8 conference in Japan.

Let them eat cake!

Meanwhile the Labour Party are £24 million in debt.

Desperate to make a fist of the Glasgow East by-election, the Labour Party last night prostituted itself at a gig at Wembley last night.

Want to become a character in a Alastair Campbell novel?

Tennis with Tony Blair?

Dinner with John Prescott?

These prizes and much, much less were all up for auction as the Labour Party tried to stave off bankrupty; banned as they are from selling peerages!

Apparently Alistair Campbell has been phoning up the rich and famous trying to sell tables at the event with not much success.

But he’d be hard pushed to do a worse job than Charlie Gordon, Cathcart MSP, and the ex-Scottish Labour MSP leader Wendy Alexander.

Not only did Wendy admit to breaking the law on donations but her attempt to pass the blame to lowly clerks has now unravelled too.

Its just as well she already resigned.

How much would she fetch in the auction?

Don’t tell me. £995!

I knew you would say that.


One Response to Buddy, can you spare £24 million?

  1. greenadine says:

    the excess of the few is oligarchy:
    the excess of the many is poverty:
    as the kings dine; the poor whine…

    lest we slip into the mire of blame;
    let’s not waste words nor flame,
    upon the rich gone lame.

    from a poet who distrusts rhyme, thanks for pointing out the menu, i’ve had mine, now i eat raw and wild much of the time.

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