93 year old war heroes

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

A quote by Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister for propaganda.

Joseph Goebbels

Was Margaret Curran guilty of playing the press as a keyboard, with her latest by-election gaffe?

It seems she has been trying to pass off Labour activist, George McGuiness, 67, and her seconder as Labour Party candidate in Glasgow East, as a 93 year old war hero on her campaign literature.

Guido Fawkes has the exclusive here.

It makes you feel sorry for the real war hero, John Hipson, who not only was quickly forgotten by Margaret Curran – “Today I met a man who was up there with the very best that the East End has to offer.” What hope is there for the ordinary voters of Glasgow East to be remembered by her if she can’t remember a local war hero? – that she used the Labour activist’s picture instead, but had to sit back and endure a byelection photo-op with the beleagured Labour candidate.

You can leave a comment on the now altered page showing John with Margaret here. But I suspect that any comments won’t stay up for long, as Labour moderators curtail the freedom of speech that John Hislop fought for in World War 2.

Is this shambolic agitprop what he fought a World War for?

I think not.

I happened to google to find out about 93 year old war heroes in Britain and I found these examples of mistreatment under this Labour Government:-

I found a BBC investigative programme Inside Out South had reported on a 93 year old war hero being evicted from his home last year.

I found that George Mudie, Labour MP for Leeds East, had complained twice to the cabinet about the elderly care treatment a 93 year old war hero was receiving by this Government’s policies.

“A 93 year old war hero living on his own, in a wheelchair, who got one hour a week from the local authority, now he has had it withdrawn. A 93 year old being looked after by an old lady, an 83 years old, living next door. That is the situation out in the country and unless we put resources in they will continue to be neglected.”

he explained to Alastair Darling, the chancellor. (Q336, 25 October 2007, Treasury Select Committee)

He raised the issue with the chancellor after getting nowhere with Andy Burnham, 3 days earlier.

“We cannot give an hour a fortnight to a 93 year old war hero living on his own? What kind of society do we live in? Even under Thatcher he would have got it free three days a week. What the hell are we developing into?” he said. Q140 Treasury Committee Evidence 22nd Oct 2007.

Who would want to be a 93 year old war hero in the UK with his Labour Government?

Well, George McGuinness wasn’t for sure!


One Response to 93 year old war heroes

  1. Silent Hunter says:

    If you visit Margaret Curran’s web page now…….you will find that ALL comments have been deleted.

    Clearly Labour don’t want to ‘listen’ any more.


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