David Marshall was “value for money” says Margaret Curran!

Margaret Curran has just been on Newsnight Scotland defending David Marshall, the resigned MP, as “value for money”!!

It is the latest in a series of monumental gaffes made by the Labour candidate in the run up to the by-election. See here and here for examples! No wonder she even looked glum on her campaign launch!

The Glasgow East by-election was called when David Marshall resigned ostensibly over health grounds – stress and depression say his doctors.

It doesn’t take a doctor to work out that the causes for his stress and depression were probably the fact that he was being investigated by Westminster over his expense claims.

In fact, even Labour sources pinpoint this as the problem.

From the Daily Mail:

“Senior Labour sources dismissed reports that the Glasgow East MP’s resignation was entirely the result of his health problems.

They said privately that former bus conductor Mr Marshall, 67, was quitting his safe seat to avoid becoming the latest MP to be embroiled in allegations of misuse of expenses.”

David Marshall had spent over half a million pounds of taxpayers money running his constituency office.

But in this case, David Marshall used his home for his constituency office.

Which means that his expense claims should have only be limited to extra phone lines and a proportion of heating and lighting etc.

Another quote from the Daily Mail:

“A Commons spokesman said MPs can use their home as an office but only claim for additional costs like ‘extra phone lines, heating and lighting’. ”

Not the half a million pounds he took from the expenses fund then?

No wonder he resigned! No wonder he has stress!

Value for money? Is Margaret Curran having a laugh?

Does she intend to embezzle funds from Westminster?!

Is David Marshall only guilty of not taking enough??!

Can she not wait for her John Lewis list???!

I wonder what the long-suffering voters of Glasgow East will think of that?

“Value for money!” – Words fail me…

Its a pity they didn’t fail Margaret Curran. (At least then we wouldn’t have to listen to her rambling-without-answering monologues. Bring back Ronnie Corbett – all is forgiven!)

They used to say Labour could win this seat with a chimp wearing a red rosette…

The one at the end may have been better for Labour!

A pity Gordon Brown didn’t persuade one of them to run!


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