Monkeys wanted in Glasgow East

Were The Times journalists reading my post suggesting that a chimp would have been a better candidate than the gaffe-prone Margaret Curran?

It certainly appears so after its latest story regarding Labour’s campaign team:-

They would have employed a monkey

Its essential reading for a real insight to Labour’s disastrous campaign.

The story details a Labour activist and journalist joining up for a fortnight to help the Labour campaign team in Glasgow East. So short-staffed are the campaign team he was immediately employed without any questions to his background.

He couldn’t believe what a shambles the Labour campaign team are in.

Their computer system runs English canvassing software and can’t cope with Scottish tenement addresses!

Hence canvassers have to do everything manually. Assigned with out-of-date maps the campaign activists have wasted hundreds of man hours trudging round the constituency hopelessly lost.

Morale is at rock bottom. Even a Daily Mail poll which put Labour in the lead – and may have given some fillip to Labour – was quickly denounced as rogue by both campaign teams. The writing is on the wall.

This was evidenced by the comments the campaign team freely gave to The Times journalist:

“Talking to people on the doorstep over the last few days, I was sure that this one was going down the pan as well — nobody even knew who the candidate was going to be.” said one activist.

Christine May, former Labour MSP, spoke of her colleague Margaret Curran as a “scary woman”.

Margaret Curran also confessed she has not read any of the letter that she has sent to the constituents of Glasgow East; another gaffe that The Times reports as smacking of arrogance and complacency.

What hope has a constituent got of getting Margaret to read their letter if she can’t be bothered to read her own?!

How many more gaffes can the Labour campaign take? Unveiling a celebrity supporter, John Michie, only to find he has publicly backed independence? Hurriedly altering the Labour website that criticised Alex Salmond for his dual mandate when Margaret Curran seeks exactly the same dual mandate?

That’s in addition to the multitude of personal gaffes that Margaret Curran has already made. There are just too many to link to, but if you go to my last post you can trace links back from there.

I previously suggested that George Foulkes makes so many gaffes that he may be a fifth column activist for the SNP.

On this form I’m beginning to believe that Margaret Curran is also a fifth columnist.

Or is it that she just is hopeless; slipping on every banana skin?

I think she should be told.


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