Causes and careers

Now that Margaret Curran is freshly defeated in Glasgow East, it seems she is looking to challenge for the now vacant position of Deputy Leader of the Labour MSPs in the Scottish Parliament.

Is this what she meant when she said Labour was a cause not a career? A Times article reported her concession speech as full of self-delusion.

Nothing to do with the Baillieston constituency which she holds disappearing in boundary changes at the next election then?

Calum Cashley takes the view that if Labour was genuinely seen as a cause and not a career then it wouldn’t need saying.

No doubt, the Glasgow East defeat greatly damaged Margaret in the party’s eyes. Gone is the chance to be the MSP leader, but the Deputy Leader is a much lower profile role. And as Deputy Leader she would probably get a safe seat after the boundary changes; something which doesn’t look too likely now.

But even the Deputy Leadership may be beyond her hope after Glasgow East.

To continue her poltical career, Margaret desperately needs another seat or post.

That’s why she hasn’t ruled out a rematch in the next General election at Glasgow East, hoping that Labour’s fortunes have turned round and that the SNP eventually slip up.

I could be wrong about Labour and careerist politicans. But journalists however have been reporting the situation for years. Even before Brown took over as Prime Minister Andrew Rawnsley was writing about “… with suspicion and contempt at the careerist Labour MPs who have signed on to the Brownite cause”

We might find out soon enough when the next election comes and Labour lose their MP base.

Will these ex-MPs stay in politics? Or change career?

We may not have long to find out.


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