A tale of two Press Conferences

What is it with Labour and leadership battles?

David Miliband writes an article in the Guardian proclaiming that Labour needs to change its vision and policies; note he was careful to leave out any mention of Gordon Brown – he didn’t want any journalists to get the wrong idea did he?

Next day he is with the Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, in a Press Conference, and his body language and pointed refusal to endorse Gordon Brown is obvious for all to see.

Any attempt to cool down speculation over a leadership bid has now backfired badly. Indeed, what David Miliband didn’t say has now provoked more speculation.

Meanwhile back in Scotland, the Scottish Labour MSP leadership hopeful has organised a press conference. Journalists are assembled awaiting her big announcement. Reminders are sent from her campaign team to journalists making sure they turn up.

They turn up.

Cathy Jamieson doesn’t.

She forgot her own press conference.

Nice start to her campaign then. Was there any phone calls to Aberdeen University regarding their new Alzheimer’s drug by her campaign team? I think we should be told.

The very thought of a dementia ridden Cathy Jamieson wandering the halls of the Scottish Parliament is beginning to fill me with dread. Yet the style of repeatedly asking the same question at FMQs might just get better results than the woeful Wendy ‘I have no further questions’ Alexander.

It strikes me having just watched about the last minute of Freaky Friday on BBC3 that Jamieson and Miliband would have done better for the Labour Party by switching press conferences.

So David Miliband talks about changing policy without personality and is free to talk about the (Scottish) leadership contest and Cathy Jamieson has talks with Franco Frattini through an interpreter. (You’re way ahead of me!)

Problem solved!

Now what to do about Gordon Brown?


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