Let the train take the strain

It seems that our old friend fifth columnist George Foulkes has been ranting again.

This time about Scotland’s trains and their new saltire design.

Commenting on the new design, the Lord said “This is all part of the SNP’s independence by creep.” (Note to George: this was initiated by the previous executive, not the SNP!)

“They know they can’t have a straight fight on it because they would lose hands down, so they try to brainwash people into independence instead with a strategy of incremental changes.”

So, according to George the saltire must be a political symbol, the use of it alone can brainwash people into voting SNP.

In which case he must hate Scotland matches at Hampden or Murrayfield. Or T in the Park or the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

How dare people fly that flag? SNP voters the lot of them!!

Well, they might be now, after such daft comments by a Labour MSP. Once again, splendid work by the fifth columnist Baron.

The saltire is for everyone in Scotland, its the national flag of this country and George’s comments will only serve to politicise it.

Implicitly, he is suggesting that the Labour Party are now against the use of the saltire, they see it as a political symbol, and that they are much happier using the Union flag.

In which case its only a short step from Labour renacting the law that banned kilts and bagpipes in Scotland.

Is this what the Labour Party has become? So unionist that they swell with joy singing about ‘rebellious Scots to crush’, a line from the UK national anthem?

Are they not happy until they impose their unionist beliefs on everyone, like the fascist dicatators of old? Will Scotland be a police state, ceilidh goers imprisoned and heather burning in the muirs?

A Labour spokesman said “People care about whether the trains run on time.”

Benito Mussolini, Italian fascist dictator, and famous train network improver

Before he goosestepped away. Allegedly.


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