Worst job in Scotland?

Seems its not just the press who think that leading the Scottish Labour MSPs is the worst job in Scotland.

Oh no.

One of the three candidates for the job thinks it is the worst job in Scotland too.

Andy Kerr had in his briefing notes to journalists an answer ready to why he was going after ‘the worst job in Scotland’.

Andy Kerr touts for work

If the job is so bad then why all the in-fighting yesterday?

One of Kerr’s aides described Cathy Jamieson as a ‘cavewoman’

From the Times:

‘Last night a senior member of the Kerr team launched an intemperate attack on Jamieson, dismissing her as a left-wing “cave woman” who would drag the party into the past if she were to succeed Wendy Alexander.

The aide also attacked Bill Butler, a member of the Campaign for Socialism, who is contesting the deputy leadership against his fellow Glasgow MSP Johann Lamont.

“I would rather work for Iain Gray than go back into the caves with some of them,” said Kerr’s aide, referring to Jamieson and her allies. “Cathy and Bill Butler — can you imagine?” ‘

Maybe someone should have told him that the campaign slogan for Andy Kerr is ‘Working Together; Winning Again’.

Seems to me, Andy Kerr and his team need to work on the first part before they even think about the second.

Maybe then the electorate won’t give Andy his P45.


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