Repression is not an Olympic Sport

I’m going to follow up my piece yesterday on the Olympics, as there have just been reports of Tibetan activists raising the Tibetan flag in Beijing’s Olympic village.

Of course, authorities were on the scene in minutes and arrested the protestors.

One video logger was on the scene and tried to record the images but was moved away from the area.

But you can still see his commentary here.

Seeing those images really brings it home how intolerant the Chinese officals are of any sort of protest.

Its definitely not the same, but British nationals may be sharing the same fate as the Tibetan protestors by taking their national flags over instead of the Union Flag.

It makes me wonder why the IOC ever chose China as host country to begin with.

The political situation was always going to overshadow the run up to the Beijing Games.

The Miami Herald has an article detailing the political history of the Olympics and the failures of the IOC.

We can only hope of an trouble free games and when the sport starts China’s political unrest doesn’t spoil the spectacle.

The Chinese security clampdown has already begun.


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