Scottish Six

I listened to Greg Dyke, former director general of the BBC, today on BBC Radio Scotland Newsdrive programme agreeing with the case for a ‘Scottish Six’ programme on BBC television. It is not the first time he has aired such views.

He admiitted that the UK BBC News has little relevance to Scots since devolution started; as there is a whole range of issues that are reported as UK- wide but now only apply to England. He also admitted the political pressure put on him by the Labour Party to prevent a Scottish Six happening during his tenure in charge.

Also noted in passing was the Scots having the highest reluctance to pay the BBC licence fee of anywhere in the UK.

Do you think these two issues could be related in some way?

I note there is a online petition just started for a Scottish Six.

I am in favour of a Scottish Six – as is the Scottish Broadcasting Commission; BBC TV Scotland should handle all international news in the same way as BBC Radio Scotland does – the coverage on Good Morning Scotland is well delivered.

I have heard arguments that a Scottish Six would be parochial; I think that is an insult to the people of Scotland. If it works on radio, it should work on TV surely!! (Albeit we might have to put up with ugly people on the box at the start – but its a price worth paying!)

The ‘parochial argument’ surely comes from people thinking that the Scottish Six would be an extension of the current local news. Its only local because they’re not allowed to give international news currently!

Giving Scotland a Scottish Six would mean that Scots are given news that actually relates to them, not UK news on health and education that purports to apply to Scotland.

And whats up with wanting Scots to be more informed?

After all isn’t information one of the remits of television?

Nation shall speak unto nation.

That’s the BBC motto.

Its a pity that when the nation is Scotland, it seems we’re not allowed a voice. (Except for radio obviously!)


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