UK Olympic football team

There have been UK football olympic teams in the past. Indeed the UK team won gold in the first football tournament in 1908 – the UK also won when football was a demonstration sport in the 1900 Olympics in Paris – although only five countries competed at the time. This UK team however was the England national amateur team. The UK won again in 1912 and again the team entered was the England national amateur team.

London 1908 English amateur national football team at the Olympics

In fact all the subsequent entries of the UK team were amateur teams predominately based on the English national amateur team.

The politics of football is completely different today than it was in the early 20th century with few teams taking part, and even in the early seventies when an English based UK amateur side was competing in the 1972 Olympics.

The UK has not fielded an joint footballing team since 1974 when the English Football Association scrapped the distinction between professional and amateur.

As football has grown around the world, becoming a truly global game, other nations having been looking at the UK and asking why have they four teams representating the UK, each with a vote in FIFA.

So any suggestion of a UK Football Olympic team would only provide weight to their argument and threaten the existence of the Home Nations teams.

That is why it seems that there is a remarkable weight of opinion that the UK should not enter a joint football team in the 2012 Olympic Games:-

Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA:

“If you start to put together a combined team for the Olympic Games, the question will automatically come up that there are four different associations so how can they play in one team.

If this is the case then why the hell do they have four associations and four votes and their own vice-presidency?

This will put into question all the privileges that the British associations were given by the Congress in 1946.”.

Gordon Smith, Scottish Football Association chief executive:

“We don’t want anything to do with a British team and made that clear from very early on.

“I have met Gordon Brown, but our position remains the same. A Team UK would raise questions in terms of our future as an autonomous footballing nation.

“Right now we have our own association, league and national team and that is not something we are willing to compromise.

“I don’t see a change of heart on this. There’s no backing for this from our administration or our supporters.”

Alan Duncan, from the Association of Tartan Army Clubs:

“When is Gordon Brown going to realise that nobody wants a Team UK, a position that could threaten our own independent national side?

“To be honest, nobody up here takes anything that Brown says seriously anymore.

“He has proven time and time again that he is more interested in being English than Scottish. He even admitted to supporting the England team.

“Scotland is focussed on trying to qualify for World Cups and European championships.”

Craig Brown, former Scotland manager:

“In my opinion, it would be axiomatic that such a ‘temporary’ merger could lead to the eventual permanent combination of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales into a single footballing entity in future major tournaments such as the World Cup and European Championships.”

Malcolm Clarke, Football Supporters Federation of Engand:

“The FSF is opposed to a single UK team in the Olympics.

We believe that such a team would be an entirely artificial entity given the existence of separate teams from each of the 4 countries in the UK in all other forms of International football, which is a tradition of very long standing which fans from the 4 countries wish to retain.

We share the fears of fans from the other UK countries that this precedent might be used to challenge the separate existence of those teams in the future, notwithstanding the assurances given by FIFA that this will not happen.”

Philip Smyth, Amalgamation of Official NI Fans Clubs :

“The Amalgamation of Official NISCs is opposed to the concept of a United Kingdom representative team participating in the 2012 Olympic Football Tournament.

We feel that such a move would undoubtedly lead to increased lobbying for an end to the present individual representative status of the four British Associations, a scenario which International fans throughout the Home Nations would be opposed to.”

Paul Corkrey, Football Supporters Federation Cymru :

“The Olympic side has our best wishes but it could mean the death of a country’s football team and the Welsh should not have to pay that price.”

Why then does Gordon Brown seem ‘determined’ to have a UK Olympic football team in the 2012 Olympic Games?

Only the government and the English FA are in favour.

Now it seems the Prime Minister is having talks with Sepp Blatter on the matter.

Is he mad???

Is his Britishness agenda so important that he risks the national teams of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Sepp Blatter has taken the view that if the UK was insistent on entering then:

“They should enter only a team composed of players from England”

That view is probably why the English Football Association itself seems in favour of a UK Football Olympic team.

As in the past, any UK team will be an English team, in all but name.

If Gordon Brown is really serious about a UK Olympic football team, I suggest the Home Nations play off for the right to represent the UK.

A joint team will be the beginning of the end for the Home Nations. The other nations just won’t stand four separate teams in FIFA if a UK team was submitted.

Wouldn’t the best way forward be the Home Nations representating themselves at the Olympics?

That makes much more sense.


5 Responses to UK Olympic football team

  1. DougtheDug says:

    “If Gordon Brown is really serious about a UK Olympic football team, I suggest the Home Nations play off for the right to represent the UK.”

    Not really a good idea as FIFA could argue for this method to be used for all international represenation in European and World competitions. The UK plays its four internal teams together to find out which one will represent them in European and World football.

    Even England representing the UK and playing under the GB banner is a bad idea. FIFA could simply turn round and say that the FA is the only UK football association it recognises as they represented Britain in the Olympics and that it is up to the UK to sort out how it organises its one national GB team.

    Both these scenarios would also mean that qualification into international club events would also have to be done on a GB basis.

    There are two solutions.

    1. No GB team should play in the Olympics
    2. Scotland leaves the Union and we get our own team by right without all this nonsense.

    Solution 2. is my preference.

  2. northbritain says:

    I agree with you, DougtheDug, even the playoff system is fraught with danger for our national teams.

    But at least it gives the Football Associations in the UK an argument in defence for the continued existence of their national teams. Whether that stands up with FIFA as you point out remains to be seen.

    A joint football team leaves us with no argument at all.

    Solution 2. is also my preference.

  3. secretperson says:

    As an Englishman, and a supporter of the England football team I think the FA are most at fault here. All the other FAs have refused to take part, and the England supporters, as represented by the FSF quote here are largely against it. The FA joining with the fans to turn down this idea would kill it dead, whatever the BOA or Gordon ‘Britishness’ Brown thinks.

    I’ll add my preference for Solution 3, (or Solution 2+ if you like). All the nations of the UK go their own ways, have their own sports teams, and can get along well as neighbours without stupid arguments like this.

  4. northbritain says:

    I think the FA are bowing to political pressure from Westminster. Plus they hope to use Sepp Blatter’s only field English players get-out clause.

    As discussed in the comments, even the get-out clause is a risky option given its our national football teams at stake.

    I go along with Solution 3 as well. Though it must be up to England, Northern Ireland and Wales to decide ther own fate respectively.

    I think we would all get on better as independent neighbours, too.

  5. […] I mentioned in a previous post, a joint GB football team would endanger the survival of all the Home Nation football teams. […]

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