Liberal Democrat new direction

Congratulations to Tavish Scott, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

He won with 59% of the vote over rivals Ross Finnie and Mike Rumbles.

The result was a predictable shoo-in. Even I managed to get it right when I suggested the winner would be between Tavish Scott and his ego, some time ago in the middle of the Glasgow East campaign.

So where does Tavish take the Scottish Liberal Democrats now?

I guess he is going to follow Nick Clegg’s new strategy of kicking Labour to death in Scotland, where possible.

This follows the political maxim if a party is down keep kicking them.

It would make sense for the Liberal Democrats to try and hoover up as many disaffected Labour voters as possible. From where the Labour Party is currently, it should be fairly easy to pick up ex-Labour voters that feel betrayed by the party’s lurch to the right under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Those ex-Labour voters that don’t go straight to the SNP anyway.

And what of the Liberal Democrats new approach to the SNP?

Well, it seems that Tavish might just come out in favour of a multi-option referendum on Scotland’s future.

Is this the begiinning of an olive-branch?

Or just the start of a Liberal Democrat move similar to that of the Labour Party moving to the right under Thatcher and Major when the realised that left-wing politics wouldn’t get them elected in the UK? Are the Scottish Liberal Democrats going to get more nationalist using their federalist umbrella?

Its obviously too early to tell.

Tavish has barely sat down in his chair and arranged his stationary.

But its something we should be watching for.


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