Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter

So its been announced that Sarah Palin, the newly picked Republican Vice President, has a daughter who is pregnant.

Over on this side on the pond its hard to see what the fuss is.

OK she is seventeen and that’s fairly young.

Its over the age of consent in Alaska.

I can only see this being a minor issue in the U.S. states that have an older age of consent. Even then they must surely recognise that the laws in other states are different.

Its not going to swing the Republican vote. There is only one other party and that’s the Democrats. Who cares when John McCain knew? He’s not the father! (Its a boy called Levi. I didn’t think wearing Levi’s could help your fertility but there you go!)

I doubt it will influence swing voters. Those that are bothered about this sort of thing are more naturally Republican voters anyway.

What did strike me is Sarah Palin’s daughter’s name.


The very name of the beautiful Alaskan bay that Sarah Palin wants to destroy by permitting the building of a huge mineworks.

Could it be a la Brooklyn Beckham style the very place of conception?

I think we should definitely not be told!

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3 Responses to Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter

  1. I can’t believe how many people are ready to just axe this woman before she even gets going… is she really that scary to everyone? Finally had to write my own blog post about her just to counter act the smear campaign everyone seems interested in participating against her.

    She deserves the same chance everyone gets and shouldn’t be smeared with statements that are not facts (IMO).

  2. Justine says:

    bottom line, she is unqualified to be VP, PERIOD!

  3. steffina says:

    gosh your pregnant and how old are you me and my friends think your a bad influens 2 lil kids

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