Sarah Palin and Obama fundraising

Its strange the effect your political opponents can have on your own team.

With the surprise choice of Sarah Palin, the Obama camp received more than $10 million in just 24 hours.

The money has flooded in throughout the month of August and beyond when reports of Palin’s attempts to ban books, her pro-creationism, her environmental record, her lack of experience, her ties with the Alaskan Independence Party and worries about her foreign policy attitude all made headlines.

It means the Democrats are seriously worried about the chances of a McCain – Palin victory, and given the age of McCain (as Frankie Boyle remarked he could be assassinated just by someone bursting a paper bag nearby!) it means a Palin Presidency would be likely.

A truly scary thought for Democrats!

This made August the best month for Barack Obama’s fundraising ever.

Back in Scotland, Iain Gray, the new Labour MSP leader has just picked his new shadow cabinet.

Its doubtful whether the SNP will be worried at all.

Outwith the coming Glenrothes by-election campaign, I don’t think the SNP coffers will similarly see a spectacular rise in donations.

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8 Responses to Sarah Palin and Obama fundraising

  1. Glenn says:

    I’m curious how you verify some of your information on Palin and where she stands on any given issue. I have practically given up doing any research on the internet due to the fact that there are 200 blogs for every one syndicate news story and I’m learned to even be skeptical of the news 🙂

    I guess we’re not helping things here… as we type… and blog


  2. northbritain says:

    Obviously the internet is global.

    I think I can safely say though that here in Europe the press tends to be more pro-Obama. They see him as more outward looking and easier to do business with. More likely to at least listen to world opinion than McCain and Palin.

    Here in Scotland we get English newspapers too, as well as our own. (Obviously we do get international papers too like everywhere else – but not commonly in your local corner shop.)

    You might expect English right-wing papers like The Times and The Telegraph to be pro-McCain.

    Even then support may be lukewarm or dependent on the commentator.

    Here’s an example of The Times, for instance:

    School Gate

    As I say, that’s a right-wing paper. Left-wing and Liberal papers don’t really have much time for the Republican camp at all.

    That’s if you can find anything substantial about the US election anyway.

    That’s why I’m forced back to the internet!

  3. northbritain says:

    Forgot to say Glenn,
    If you do read that The Times article you’ll find it links to a British Science Expert – and a Church of England minister – who wanted creationism taught alongside evolution.

    After he wrote that piece he left his employment ‘by mutual consent’. Pretty much his position was then untenable in the Royal Society.

    The Royal Society reiterated that its firm position was that creationism had no scientific basis and should not be part of the science curriculum and had no place in education.

  4. novamom says:

    Hey, northbritain, if you checked out the Internet a little more thoroughly, you’d find that many of these assertions about Palin have been solidly refuted. Check this out: Please not that this is a nonpartisan organization. Perhaps this information will help you inject a bit of truthfulness in future posts.

    And if you think the nomination of Sarah Palin helped the Dems with their fundraising, you should check out what it did for the GOP!

  5. Glenn says:

    Back to creationism I see. Okay, but for just a moment. 😉

    If we went back in scientific history and nullified all discoveries and theories proposed (and since supported) by creationists, we’d be instantly transported back into the dark ages (scientifically speaking). Some even gave testimony that it was their direct views on God as creator and the related philosophical assumptions that led to their proposed theories.

    So how is it that creationist views of today so taint the scientific realm, yet throughout history, they seemed to have had little-to-no negative effects on those discoverers who held such views and the science they performed?

    Also, are our children so uneducated or easily duped that they can’t handle the propositions of Intelligent Design and see for themselves the fallacies that might lie within? Let’s get on Palin for asking a rhetorical question about banning books and likewise knock her for not wanting to ban ID from the classroom.

    See the irony of it all?

  6. northbritain says:

    I checked out and thought it was quite superficial.

    For example they state a position on whether or not Sarah Palin wanted to ban books- they admit later that they are still investigating Anne Kilkenny’s claims. Why not admit that at the start? You can’t give findings before finalising your investigation, surely?

    In each relevant post I feel I have dealt with their observations on each matter.

    I’d quite like a more detailed analysis site if you’ve got one.

    I’m afraid the factcheck site didn’t convince me.

  7. northbritain says:

    I used The Times creationist story just to keep you interested!

    My fault! Maybe I shouldn’t have. I’d much rather keep the creationist /evolution debate on a more relevant thread.

    That goes for Palin’s banning books controversy or her involvement in the Alaskan Independence Party too. I have separate posts for these matters.

    I was just trying to give you a small flavour of how Palin is being reported in Britain since you asked about information.

  8. Glenn says:

    northbritian, msnbc (in my opinion – the news agency most aligned with banking interests and specifically the Fed. Reserve) informed us know today that we can expect massive problems on almost every level with November’s presidential vote. The banker’s couldn’t get their little electronic machines to work last time around (in such a hurry for global control) so we’re back to elderly patriots overseeing the process… SOB!

    So now between ‘crush of voters’ that will strain a system already in the ‘midst of transformation,’ we have been adequately warned that the final results may not reflect election polls prior to the voting. And reading from independent organizers and watchdog groups, the government is about the only one that seems unable to come up with solutions (most rather simple) to this impending crisis.

    All in my conspirital head you say? Wasn’t it just six months ago that every person of reputation was denying the North American Union movement? Hillary even invented a new phrase if she ever ran across such a thing – “I’d stamp it out in a bird dog minute!” Now that Hillary and all the rest are saying the NAU is a beautiful thing for America, I’m wondering if a ‘bird dog minute’ is actually a decade (perhaps a century) or more.

    American and her constitution are presently the biggest stumbling block to global governance. Maybe we need a ‘real’ financial crisis to bring her to her knees and repent of her ingenuity and independent spirit. Let’s see… who controls the flow of money these days?

    Serfdom, here we come!

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