Glenrothes – mining new depths

Well, it seems that the media are now convinced that the date of the Glenrothes byelection will be November 6th. The date, it is supposed, will be so close to the US Presidental election, that it will limit the damage to Gordon Brown.

Glenrothes, originally envisaged as a mining town, would have been a safe Labour seat in the past.

Not so today.

Labour’s own canvassing put the SNP 5000 votes up, and a recent poll of Unite trade union members resulted in a majority of those votes going to the SNP. Of course, Unite members will be affected by the proposed takeover of the Bank of Scotland by Lloyds TSB. Labour activists are preparing for a voter backlash against Gordon Brown’s handling of the economy that led to the collapse of the Scottish bank.

It seems that Labour are banking on the memory of John MacDougall, their previous MP, to shore up their vote.

John was, by all accounts, a popular MP who died of an asbestos related condition. He was though suing the Labour Government for refusing to pay him compensation for his illness.

The Fife Labour Party have set up a condolence webpage for his memory.

But as Jess the dog points out, it looks like the Labour Party are willing to use Glenrothes constituents that leave a message, as targets for their electioneering.

Something that Guido Fawkes noticed happening in the Crewe and Nantwich byelection too.


At least it’ll save those stories about Labour’s dodgy election software and database that couldn’t handle those pesky Scottish flats in Glasgow East.

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