Welcome to Scotland

This is a map of Scotland in 1153, at the end of the reign of David I.

David I's Scotland

Note that where it says ‘England’; the line below it was then part of Scotland. The border moved north by 1286.

In fact, David I liked Cumbria so much, he moved his royal court to Carlisle.

So its with interest that I note an artist has erected a ‘Welcome to Scotland’ sign before people reach Carlisle travelling north.

The intention being to ‘reignite the debate’ as to whether Carlisle should be part of Scotland.

Its not been long since Berwick-upon-Tweed voted in an unofficial poll to join Scotland again.

Its nice to be popular, isn’t it.

We must be doing something right!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Scotland

  1. Wyrdtimes says:

    It’s the Barnett Formula at work again – you’re doing things better in Scotland because you have so much more £ per person.

    The British government values a Scottish life much higher than an English one – and has done so for years. Frankly it’s a disgrace.

  2. anonymous says:

    How convenient you forget about England’s territorial extent BEFORE the Norman Invasion.
    Those areas of England show on this map were temporary conquests by Scotland as England was being taken control of by the Normans.
    What of England before the Normans or its predecessor states? Well England controlled the territories you pointed out and some others further into Scotland.
    Northumbria, a Anglo-Saxon predecessor state which would latter be unified into England reached right into Lothian.

    So yes, if this debate gets stirred up how about England taking a nice large chunk of Scotland?
    Maybe we’d better stick to the Treaty of York eh? And as for Berwick we don’t care for it anyway, if they’re shallow enough to leave England because Scotland has a few better services then let them go, they’re probably ethnic Scottish anyway.

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