Lord Coe: Scots and Welsh; F**k ’em!

The Campaign for an English Parliament has handily printed off Lord Coe’s outburst regarding his attempts to create a British National Football Team at the 2012 Olympics.

(Its just as well because the online version of The London Paper it seems has removed the story. If anyone has the printed edition its on Page 5.)

The key quote is:

But he said the BOA, which selects teams for the Games, has decided to press ahead with a football squad despite the opposition.

When asked last night about the opposition from the Welsh and Scots, Coe replied bluntly: “F*** em!

Thanks, Seb!

How much are the Scots and Welsh taxpayers paying into the London Olympics bid again?

As I mentioned in a previous post, a joint GB football team would endanger the survival of all the Home Nation football teams. That’s precisely why Lord Coe’s plans have met with such opposition.

Lord Coe also confirmed that Alex Ferguson, the current Manchester United manager, has assured him he will be managing the side.

The London Paper reports that Lord Coe has obviously now changed Ferguson’s mind on the matter, who was initially reluctant.

He might be even more reluctant now.

As for Sebastian Coe? Can’t say I’m surprised. I always preferred Ovett anyway.

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8 Responses to Lord Coe: Scots and Welsh; F**k ’em!

  1. Brian Hall says:

    Ah yes, yet another unionist example of “Whats yours is ours and whats mines ma ain!”

  2. No Team GB says:

    A spectacular own goal by Lord Coe! if you want to support the campaign against a GB football team, visit http://www.noteamgb.com

    We cannot allow the self serving motives of the BOC to risk the future of our National football teams.

  3. John Lyons says:

    Sums up the arrogance of the man. This issue not only effects Scotland, Ireland and Wales but also England. If Jack Warner of the North American federation (and others) gets their way we will only have one football team for the UK which no one wants. The Olympics team GB football team would play right into their hands, assurances from Sepp Blatter to the contrary mean absolutely nothing.
    COE is being totally selfish and arrogant and does not care about any of the football associations and must not be allowed to get away wtih this. Whether you support St Andrew or St George we must stick together on this issue, our answer to COE should be F**k you!

  4. Robbo says:

    Great chance to put aside our differences between the four nations to emphasize and fight for that same difference when it comes to Football, if that is not to much of a contradiction

  5. Dougthedug says:

    The Londonpaper took the story off their website but it is still in the online archive of their print edition.

    Here’s a screenshot of the story.

  6. Wyrdtimes says:

    “As for Sebastian Coe? Can’t say I’m surprised. I always preferred Ovett anyway.”

    lol yeah same as.

    What an ignorant tosser Coe is.

  7. anonymous says:

    If England became independent I’d be quite happy for England to pay for the Olympics itself. Scotland also had a bid for the Olympics, don’t you think England would have been paying a lot if not most of the money towards hosting that had they won?
    As it is England will be funding most of it anyway.

  8. Donald says:

    NO TEAM GB, hope none of our Scots boys dont play!!!

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