Sarah Palin and Princess Diana

Just one day after I posted a blog regarding the genealogy of John McCain – descended from King William I of Scotland – and Barack Obama – descended from King Edward Longshanks of Edward – some bright spark has done a genealogical investigation into Sarah Palin’s past and found that she was a distant cousin of the late Princess Diana.

Sarah Palin is also linked to the former Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt.

The Diana connection has already prompted the Daily Mail to conclude that Sarah Palin is the U.S. equivalent of Princess Diana.

The news that Sarah Palin and Princess Diana are related does make a bit of sense. Neither could claim to be the sharpest tool in the box!

Something that Diana once admitted herself:

“I was always told by my family that I was the thick one. That I was stupid and my brother was the clever one. And I was always so conscious of that. I used to go to the head mistress crying saying I wish I wasn’t so stupid.”

Though at least Princess Diana had friends that believed in dinosaurs and fossils:

Oliver Hoare, former confidant – and probable lover – of the Princess, famously bought a sauropod egg at an auction.

Whereas Sarah Palin and dinosaurs?

According to some sources, she believes dinosaurs and man co-existed.

Of course that fits with her Young Earth Creationism views.

During Sarah Palin’s interviews, its become clear to many that Palin doesn’t really have the intelligence expected of a Vice President.

Should we expect Sarah Palin to admit that she is stupid just like Princess Diana did?

Probably not.

At least Princess Diana was clever enough to realise her faults!

UPDATE: has a copy of what it claims are Sarah Palin’s actual SAT results.

Sarah scored a 840 using the old grading system.

Sarah Palin SAT results

Having a completely different system in Scotland, I don’t know much about American SAT tests; I hear that this was Sarah’s second attempt at the SAT in 12th grade.

It doesn’t seem a good score to me though.

Especially if you are only a heartbeat away from being President.

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