McCain – Palin split losing election

The reported feud between McCain and Palin advisers seem to be having an affect on Republican support.

“She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone,” said one McCain adviser, “she does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else. Also she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party. Remember: divas trust only unto themselves as they see themselves as the beginning and end of all wisdom.”

For her part, it seems Sarah Palin has decided not to trust her Republican aides:

Four Republicans close to Palin said she has decided increasingly to disregard the advice of the former Bush aides tasked to handle her, creating occasionally tense situations as she travels the country with them. Those Palin supporters, inside the campaign and out, said Palin blames her handlers for a botched rollout and a tarnished public image — even as others in McCain’s camp blame the pick of the relatively inexperienced Alaska governor, and her public performance, for McCain’s decline.

It does seem the feeling is mutual:

“She’s lost confidence in most of the people on the plane,” said a senior Republican who speaks to Palin, referring to her campaign jet. He said Palin had begun to “go rogue” in some of her public pronouncements and decisions.

“I think she’d like to go more rogue,” he said.

The article continues:

Some McCain aides say they had little choice with a candidate who simply wasn’t ready for the national stage, and that Palin didn’t forcefully object. Moments that Palin’s allies see as triumphs of instinct and authenticity — the Wright suggestion, her objection to the campaign’s pulling out of Michigan — they dismiss as Palin’s “slips and miscommunications,” that is, her own incompetence and evidence of the need for tight scripting.

Watching that video convinces me that the McCain aides are right. If ever there was a need for tight scripting then I think that video proves it. Whether Sarah Palin has the competence to deliver a tighter speech is another question.

It comes as no surprise then, that the home states of Palin and McCain seem to be having doubts over their nomination.

The Anchorage Daily News has come out in favour of Barack Obama.

And latest polls from Arizona show increasing support for Barack Obama, in one poll McCain is only ahead by two points!

Of course, it would be a huge ask for the Democrats to actually win either state for Obama. The mere fact that they are gaining support in Arizona and Alaska does show how much trouble the Republican campaign is in.

The McCain – Palin split is just a symptom of this trouble.

But its a clear indication to the voters that the Republican campaign is in disarray. Its a clear indication that McCain will lose the election.

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2 Responses to McCain – Palin split losing election

  1. Stella says:

    …its a clear indication to the voters that the Republican campaign is in disarray. Its a clear indication that McCain will lose the election.

    North Britain, thank you for stopping by. I’m keeping my eye on the Gallup Polls. I’m not making any predictions until 5th November. At this point, many of us are cautiously optimistic.

  2. northbritain says:

    No problem, Stella.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the U.S. Presidential election. I hope Obama wins, not that I’m a big Democrat fan; its just that they are, in my view, so much better than the Republicans.

    Especially so with the possibility of an anti-science creationist nut like Sarah Palin as VP waiting in the wings next to an elderly man in poor health like John McCain as President.

    Barack Obama promises change. Let’s see if he delivers.

    My other posts on the U.S. election :-

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    … if you’re interested.

    No predictions till 5th November? I like your style!

    Or are the predictions for the Glenrothes by-election on the 6th November??

    Nice of you Americans to have a political warm-up event to keep the political pundits busy until the big one! 😉

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