Murdering a tune

December 5, 2008

No. Its not a comment on the new Scottish Homecoming advert.

Its a comment on the tragic death of a karaoke singer in the Malaysian part of Borneo.

The karaoke singer, Abdul Sani Doli, was murdered by the regulars of the bar after refusing to give up the microphone and continue singing.

Two men were arrested in connection with the incident.

They are believed to be Simon Cowell, 49, of England; and Louis Walsh, 56, of Ireland… 😉

Only kidding!

But I bet the two guys they arrested would make the X-Factor a show finally worth watching. Wouldn’t they make much better judges than Cowell and Walsh?

To be serious though:

It seems that karaoke rage is fairly common in Asia. A gunman in Thailand recently killed 8 people after getting tired of their endless attempts at John Denver’s Country Roads.

The Malaysian Information Minister, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin, has likened karaoke singers to bloggers:

Both groups, Mr. Zainuddin said, “take pleasure in their own singing but have no influence.”

He said some people might enjoy bloggers ‘singing’, especially those who shared their views, but many rejected them because they sang ‘out of tune’ and their views were unacceptable to the majority of people.

I think though that Mr Zainuddin would agree with me on this; bloggers have as much of a right to their views as karaoke singers have to sing John Denver songs.

And even if both groups ‘songs’ are terrible; they still must have the right to ‘sing’.

I don’t have to watch the dire X-Factor. I can switch off and do something else – exactly what I do! – or switch over to another channel.

I don’t agree with a lot of blogs. Once visited I may never return!

These two men could have walked out the pub. They didn’t and did something reprehensible – a murder of a man whose only crime was murdering a tune.

Here’s a new tune for them, by Sam Cooke:

That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang…