Religion and evolution

September 15, 2008

Today the Church of England has issued a posthumous apology to Charles Darwin:

“Charles Darwin, 200 years from your birth in 1809, the Church of England owes you an apology for misunderstanding you and, by getting our first reaction wrong, encouraging others to misunderstand you still.”

Charles Darwin on Bank of England £10 note

Its one example of religion trying to come to terms with the theory of evolution.

The BBC purports that 47% of Americans reject the theory of evolution.

That to me is a startling figure but it goes some way to explain how a creationist like Sarah Palin can be considered a viable Vice President candidate.

The BBC also found that in the UK only 48% of its poll believed in evolution.

Another startling figure.

Hopefully, the Church of England apology will begin to see religious attitudes to evolution change for the better.

On a tangential note, its sad to see that Paul McCartney has given a death threat over his plans to play a concert in Israel.

Perhaps we should not be surprised by religion’s out of date coming to terms with Darwin and evolution.

It seems religion has not came to terms with The Beatles yet either.

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May 25, 2008

Last again then. Least it wasn’t Nil Point! is an interesting site. You type in your postcode and get all sorts of information on what your local MP is up to.

I found it last year about this time. I was shocked to discover that my MP since November 2000, John Robertson, was busy signing Early Day Motions on the Eurovision Song Contest. (EDM 1453 on 14.5.07)

Hasn’t he anything better to do I wondered? Like representing people from his constituency? Trying to improve the local area? Are Scottish Labour MPs so bored since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament that they feel the need to have their say on the Eurovison Song Contest? I was surprised to say the least.

Now Scotland has been given permission to break from the UK and submit its own entry by the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union, the organisers of the event. This was prompted by questions from Alyn Smith, an SNP MEP.

Am I surprised by the SNP’s stance? No. They always want to promote Scotland on the world stage. A philosophy so aptly summarised by Winnie Ewing in her 1967 Hamilton By-election win: “Stop the world! Scotland wants to get ON!”

But its just as well for the SNP that they have been improving Scotland and are riding high in the polls otherwise Scots would be asking the same questions as I asked of my local MP earlier.

OK. Back to to check my MP. Has Mr Robertson been standing up for Glasgow North West? I typed in various towns in the constituency and searched his 8 years of speeches:-

No. of times towns of Glasgow North West have been mentioned in speeches by local MP John Robertson since 2000 in the House of Commons:-

Knightswood 4 (last mentioned 2006)

Blairdardie 1 (last mentioned 2006)

Yoker 3 (last mentioned 2007)

Anniesland 34 (last mentioned 2007)

Drumchapel 2 (last mentioned 2006)

Old Drumchapel 0

Peterson Park 0

Scotstoun 18 (last mentioned 2007)

If I missed any towns in the area, try it yourself on the website.

If lived anywhere but Anniesland or Scotstoun I’d be furious. Scotstoun got the mentions primarily because of the shipyard. Anniesland got the mentions primarily because he used to be the Member for Glasgow Anniesland before the boundary changes and he was namechecking his constituency.

IN 8 YEARS! A few token mentions. Call this representation?

John Robertson. NIL POINT!

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